Onshore & Offshore Resourcing Services

Organizations opt for offshore development centres for developing, testing and deploying software solutions and applications. PredictWise acts as a remote counterpart to your in-house IT personnel.

Offshore development centre comes as an advantage in business situations where the task at hand is too small to be outsourced and non cost effective for in-house development. Not only does an offshore development centre help in this situation, it facilitates ready availability of resources as per your expectations at your disposal.  It also offers the capability to wrap up all sundry tasks in a go.

However, if you prefer to work with your own skilled team and cost is not a concern for you then we can offer onshore resourcing services where you can establish better communication, quick turnaround and immunity from the delay caused by time zone.

PredictWise – Whether it is high-end services like Software Development, Data Analytics, Digital Marketing and Web Design or any Cloud based Services, you can rely on us to satisfy your onshore or offshore staffing needs in the domain of your choice.

Offshore Resourcing Model

With an offshore resourcing company, business effectively gets ownership of a full time, fully dedicated team sitting at the provider’s office. It is like a virtual team based out of another country, managed by a project manager working under your guidelines. As the owner, you can provide instructions on how the team is managed and what tasks the team needs to accomplish. The teams under their project manager provide regular feedback and task reports to the business.

This helps the business to control costs and rationalize scale of operations with short term contracts and a consolidated monthly fee.

At PredictWise, we have been providing plethora of services to a large customer base from our offshore development centre. A few use cases are listed below:

  • Design & Development

Our expert design has delivered world class website and app designs to customers across the globe. Based on the design objectives discussed with the client, our team builds up the system architecture and database design. The file systems are then adapted to the design proposed and the development process kicks in. Our team provides complete assistance with detailed design representation of the software product and the final output in the form of a program source code.

  • Testing

Our developers are well trained and experienced in carrying out a wide array of test services including regression testing, unit and system testing. These tests ensure a bug free code and complete compliance of the final output with industry regulations and client’s specifications.

  • Maintenance & Support

We provide 24/7 on-site as well as offshore maintenance and support services relieving the clients of unnecessary trivial issues and helping them focus on their core competencies.

Our comprehensive portfolio of offshore development services comprises of:

  • Custom Software Development Services
  • QA and Software Testing
  • Testing Services
  • Design and Development services
  • Maintenance and support

Every incoming assignment is treated as a project with a dedicated project manager who acts as a single point of contact for the assignment. The project begins with defining the scope of the project, project estimates and risk analysis. Post scoping is done, user requirements are gathered and analysed to arrive at a proposed solution. Development and services follow an agile methodology with incremental developments to incorporate client feedback. Our customers have received our services on time and have been more than satisfied with our quality and support.

Onshore Resourcing Model

The onshore model is when the work whether that be web development, software development or anything else is not outsourced or offshored to another country. It is done locally in your country by the people that live within it. For example, if you need a website developed, you would get it done by a web development agency within your country such as the US, Europe or Australia. The benefits are obvious such as they will understand the local culture, communication will not be a problem as well as it will be easy to explain to them what you need comparatively to someone outside your country. Lastly, they will not be any time difference compared to an offshore development partner in some cases.

Cost is the main difference between the onshore and offshore development model. The cost will be much more to hire a local development person in the US, UK or Australia for example when compared to hiring someone in a developing nation such as India, the Philippines or Ukraine for example. An onshore development partner will also be able to provide you other local expertise that an offshore development partner will not be able to. What makes business sense for you is ultimately your decision.

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