Cross Platform Applications

Cross platform app creation uses one code base, thus optimizing the application development process for efficient results and reducing the complexity to manage multiple code-bases, languages, developer tool-kits and methodologies.

Cross platform app development helps to increase development speed and reduce the development time while decreasing the maintenance cost.

In short, this method helps to cover wider range of platforms without investing more time and energy in multiple code version. Also it helps to cut down the time required for repeated tasks and app development.

PredictWise – With people having years of experience delivering innovative and feature-packed solutions that are high on performance, we have a complete suite of Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Services to offer to our clients.


  • Creating interactive prototypes & intuitive UI
  • Visually creating App screens that deliver amazing app experience
  • We create intuitive touch-friendly interfaces and connect these screens to app development


  • Connecting your app with data
  • Scale your app with the help of cloud
  • Effortlessly connect your mobile app to existing data using data connectors to databases and ERP systems


  • Publish to App stores, Public or Private
  • Including Apple Store, Google play and Windows Phone
  • Push live updates to your mobile app without resubmitting to app stores for approval or without any manual update


  • Rapidly develop mobile apps on Cross platform with Phonegap Framework
  • Use JavaScript and CSS skills to create mobile apps with truly native performance


  • Run and Debug your app
  • Test and debug your mobile app on iOS, Android and Windows Phone
  • Finding bugs by writing automated tests and then executing these tests across multiple platforms



  • Managing secure access for your app through administrative dashboard
  • Through reports we measure crash and performance bottlenecks problems
  • We can go through real time reports and analytics to measure app performance

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